Protesters Disrupt Senate Hearing – Chant Pro-China Slogans

U.S. Senate Hearing DISRUPTED - Here's What Happened!


A grassroots feminist organization, CODEPINK portrays itself as a force for world peace, human rights, and the abolition of American imperialism and war.

Members of the group, which was founded in 2022, organize and disseminate their message through street theater, civic resistance, and wearing pink. They also challenge legislators and corporations. The organization has been featured in the media for its activities during the past several months.


The CODEPINK protestors reportedly disrupted a Senate Foreign Relations Committee congressional hearing on March 22, according to The Epoch Times. The group members shouted over senators while holding placards throughout the discussion, claiming that “China is not our enemy” and charging the US with “terrorism.”

Because of how disruptive the demonstration was, the police had to arrest those responsible. In response to the disturbance, Committee Chair Robert Menendez (D-NJ) stated that it was allowed for the demonstrators to have signs but not to use loud voices to disrupt the hearing.

The CODEPINK demonstrators also demanded that the US embrace China’s “peace proposal” and accused the US of being responsible for the invasion of Ukraine. Menendez advised that the women inquire whether the Uyghur population in China believes that Xi Jinping is in any way a peacemaker. The Epoch Times stated that the demonstrators have long been spreading anti-American slogans.

This wasn’t the first time the group has interfered with a congressional hearing. According to a February 28 Daily Mail article, demonstrators who shared the view that China is not America’s adversary attended the 118th Congress’ first primetime session on China.

Just a week earlier, the protesters barraged President Joe Biden with questions at a restaurant in Washington, DC, demanding that he “push through negotiations” to end the war between Russia and Ukraine.