North Carolina Police Shoot Unarmed, Disabled White Man Who Had His Hands Up (DISTURBING VIDEO)

Police Used Of DEADLY Force - Shot Several Times (VIDEO)


Handicapped Jason Harley Kloepfer, a white mand who lives in a trailer in a rural area of North Carolina, was the target of vicious police brutality.

Around 11 p.m. on December 12, a North Carolina SWAT squad barged toward Kloepfer’s trailer in Cherokee County, reportedly in reaction to shooting in the neighborhood. He allegedly held a hostage and was the gunman.


With his wife standing behind him, Kloepfer unlocked the door while raising their hands. The police then shot Kloepfer multiple times shortly after.

Before unlocking the door, Kloepfer allegedly got into a verbal dispute with officers, and after being shot, he allegedly ‘confronted’ them.

In the video, Kloepfer can be seen screaming repeatedly, “I’ve been shot! What the hell,” as Mahler drags him away from the line of fire.

Police kept yelling at the two to come outside of the trailer.

Mahler held her hands up and complied as Kloepfer drew himself toward the door. She was hesitant to leave her spouse alone, but was then later forced to do so.

“I don’t have a gun. I didn’t have a gun,” Kloepfer can be heard mumbling as officers approach the trailer.

Communicating Threats as well as Resist, Obstruct, and Delay were his charges.

Since Kloepfer maintained he couldn’t discuss the shooting, details of the incident and its aftermath are still unknown.

He maintained his innocence and said the accusations were false in every way.

Despite claiming to be crippled, Kloepfer has kept his condition a secret.

Even if one believes the cops when they say they did it, which is questionable, an unarmed crippled man was shot multiple times in a matter of seconds after confronting them and maybe cursing them out.

The legacy media and leftist agitators will never tell Kloepfer’s tale because he does not fit the typical profile they prefer to employ when talking about police abuse. Instead, they only pay attention to Black people who have been slain by Police, even though the Police were right in their conduct.