Nevada Rangers Ram Through Climate Protest Blockade, Point Gun at Activists, Slam Them to the Ground (VIDEO)

Officers DRAW Guns On Climate Activists - VIOLENT Encounter Unfolds!


On Sunday, Nevada Rangers drove through a climate protest blockage close to the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City.

The annual Burning Man art and music event began on Sunday, the first day of 2023.


The road to the Burning Man festival was blocked by climate change protesters, causing hours of delays.

An on-the-ground reporter stated that eco-fascist “green Nazis” were strongly advocating that Burning Man ban the use of private jets and single-use plastics. The Nevada Rangers, however, were not friendly in the least.

The Rangers charged the barrier with unrelenting resolve, their actions marked by the ominous presence of a handgun pointed directly at the protestors, and resulting in a violent takedown.

“Get down now! Get on the ground! Don’t move!” the Ranger shouted as he pointed a gun at the climate militants.


The environmental activists were taken into custody by the Nevada Rangers.

After the protestors had blocked the street, a Ranger on the scene told a reporter that they had received a 911 call warning of a possible threat of violence.

As the Rangers quickly and efficiently cuffed their wrists, the activists burst out uncontrollable yells of distress and dismay.