Megyn Kelly Furious Over Gun Control Push After Mass Shooting

Megyn Kelly Has MELTDOWN Over Firearms!


On Monday, March 27, news stories said that a shooter at a private Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, killed three teachers and three young students. The news made people on the Left talk even more about how they don’t like guns, and podcaster Megyn Kelly is furious about the new push.

NBC News said that President Joe Biden called automatic weapons “weapons of war” when he spoke out against them. The leader of the country spoke out against the growing problem of gun violence and said that it had to be fixed so that our kids could “learn how to read and write instead of duck and cover in the classroom.” Again, he asked Congress to ban all assault rifles and told Progressives to put pressure on Republicans to give in.


Kelly slammed reform supporters in her podcast on March 29. She talked about the issue with Jason Whitlock, host of BlazeTV’s “Fearless,” and other guests. She said she understood why people in the transgender community blamed Conservatives for their frustrations, but she said that if they “want to play that game,” the Right could argue that progressive rhetoric was the fuel that made the bonfire get out of control.

Kelly also said that “crazy anti-gun activists” don’t seem to believe in “thoughts and prayers.” He said that the Left only seemed to care about people who agreed that guns were the problem. She said that the push to ban guns was a “obsession” and that getting rid of these weapons wouldn’t change the fact that sick people in society feel the need to kill children.

Other Conservatives have pointed out that the Nashville shooter was a transgender male and asked if the real problem was hormone therapy or the person’s mental health. Gun control activists say that if laws were stricter, an unstable person like Adam Lanza might not have been able to buy the deadly weapons in the first place.