Maui Officials Reveal Cause of the Devastating Wildfires – Blowing Up Leftist Democrats Climate Change Narrative

Maui Officials REVEAL True Cause of Fires – CRUSHING Dem's Argument


The likely cause behind the devastating wildfires that may have resulted in the loss of numerous innocent lives in Hawaii has purportedly been determined. This revelation challenges the climate change narrative often associated with the Democratic party.

According to a report from Fox News, authorities on Maui have revealed that the wildfires were ignited by fallen power lines and operational failures on the part of the primary state power utility company.


Consequently, the government of Maui County, Hawaii has initiated legal action against the Hawaii Electric Company and its affiliated entities for their alleged failure to appropriately shut down active electrical equipment during a high-risk windstorm earlier this month.

This sequence of events led to the downed power lines owned by the utility company serving as the source of the deadly fire outbreak on the island.

The legal complaint asserts that the Defendants displayed negligence by not deactivating their electrical equipment despite the issuance of a Red Flag Warning by the National Weather Service on August 7th.

Moreover, the lawsuit contends that HECO’s active and fallen power lines ignited dry fuels like grass and brush, resulting in the ignition of the fires. Additionally, the lawsuit claims that inadequate maintenance of the system and power grid led to systemic breakdowns that triggered three distinct fires on August 8th.

Furthermore, Maui County asserted that HECO held the responsibility to adequately uphold and mend the electric transmission lines, along with related equipment such as utility poles essential for electricity conveyance. This obligation also encompassed the proper pruning and maintenance of vegetation to avert any interaction with overhead power lines and associated electrical infrastructure.

The information disclosed within this legal action casts doubt on the assertions made by Democrats at the national and Hawaii state levels, suggesting that the fires were a result of “climate change.”

As reported by Cristina Laila in the past, Hawaii Governor Josh Green appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” in the preceding week, attributing the exacerbation of the fires to climate change.