FBI Scrambling To Track Migrants Who Entered US With Help Of Isis-linked Smuggler

FBI Launches DESPERATE Hunt - TERROR At The Border!


The FBI is said to be in a rush to locate over twelve citizens from Uzbekistan who applied for asylum in the United States in recent months. This comes after intelligence agents uncovered their journey to the southern border facilitated by a smuggler affiliated with ISIS.

Government representatives are actively engaged in the process of determining the identities and evaluating the backgrounds of all these individuals who managed to enter the country. Adrienne Watson, spokesperson for the National Security Council, conveyed this information to CNN.


Simultaneously, a group of migrants is under close examination as potential security risks, according to two unnamed federal sources cited by the news outlet. Nonetheless, authorities have not yet identified any specific plot related to ISIS.

“There was no indication and remains no indication that any of the individuals facilitated by this network have a connection to a foreign terrorist organization, or are engaged in plotting a terrorist attack in the United States,” Watson remarked.

Officials report that the migrants sought asylum at the Mexican border earlier this year and underwent screening by the Department of Homeland Security.

According to CNN, there were no concerning indications found in the intelligence community’s databases. Consequently, all of them were allowed to enter the United States and await a court hearing.

Subsequently, the FBI became aware of a smuggling operation aiding Uzbeks’ entry into the US. This operation involved at least one person connected to ISIS.

Commencing a countrywide quest for the migrants, the bureau collaborated with Turkish officials, leading to the capture of the smuggler and accomplices linked to the network, as detailed in the report.

Officials have obtained additional information from the unidentified smuggler to support the bureau’s ongoing investigation.

In the aftermath of these developments, the Department of Homeland Security has been detaining, carefully evaluating, and expediting the removal of migrants who share characteristics with those aided by this network, as conveyed by Watson.

The individual connected to ISIS who facilitated smuggling is thought to function as an independent contractor rather than an official member of the terrorist group. According to the representative from the National Security Council (NSC), this person holds personal sympathies with the organization.

The intelligence community also indicates that it’s improbable he was aiding the migrants under direct orders from ISIS. The prevailing belief is that most of these migrants are primarily seeking improved prospects in the United States.

However, a significant number of them have yet to be located, and over fifteen individuals who have been located continue to be closely examined due to potential criminal concerns.

The revelation of the network connected to ISIS has sparked concern in Washington, particularly as Republican presidential candidates emphasize the security of the southern border.

A classified intelligence report of an urgent nature was distributed to the highest-ranking cabinet members in President Biden’s administration as part of their morning briefing materials, as reported by CNN. This discovery triggered a series of hurried meetings involving senior figures in both national security and the administration.

Additionally, staff members associated with crucial congressional committees have been made aware of these developments.