Left-Wing Protestors Disrupt House Judiciary Hearing In NYC

Dem Protestors Disrupt House Judiciary Hearing (VIDEO)


The House Judiciary Committee convened a field hearing in New York City on Monday to look at how the city’s violent crime victims were affected by the actions of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

The purpose of the hearing was to look at how these practices, which many consider to be pro-crime and anti-victim, have increased violent crime and made New York City citizens feel frightened.


House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan and District Attorney Alvin Bragg have been engaged in a public feud in recent weeks, with the two arguing over matters such as the Trump indictment and the exchanging of subpoenas and lawsuits. The hearing, however, was not without controversy, as protesters disrupted the proceedings and called House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan a “insurrectionist.”

Despite the disturbance, the session gave legislators a platform to discuss worries about escalating crime rates and the effects of policy choices on violent crime victims in Manhattan.

Other noteworthy incidents from the chaotic hearing can be seen in a video in which Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) lashes out at Soros-funded prosecutors like District Attorney Alvin Bragg while also criticizing his colleagues for implying that the testifying witnesses, many of whom lost loved ones to violence in New York City, were just Republican pawns.

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-CA) even went so far as to refer to the witnesses as “props in a MAGA Broadway production” and to his fellow Republican lawmakers as “jack-booted thugs.”