Biden Kisses Pelosi On The Lips – Mumbles Through Speech In Rose Garden

Brandon Kisses Pelosi on Lips and Then Fumbles Speech!


President Biden made news once more on Tuesday, this time for his conduct with Nancy Pelosi before a speech in the Rose Garden on supporting families.

Before beginning his speech, Biden walked over to Pelosi and, to the astonishment of many in the audience, leaned in and kissed the former House speaker on the lips.


Biden fumbled through his prepared comments during the address he gave immediately after kissing Pelosi and launched into a rambling ramble about “helping families.”

“He can’t even talk. How much more insanity needs to happen before people actually wake up? The mask is slipping fast!” a Twitter user criticized Biden after posting the video. 

Questions about Biden’s mental capacity and suitability for office have once again been raised in light of the kiss and his stumbling and muttering throughout the absurd speech.

Americans are alarmed by the President’s lack of etiquette, especially when it comes to inappropriate physical contact with girls and women. Biden has been accused of improperly touching women before, and many people feel that as the “leader” of the free world, Biden ought to be held to a higher standard.

We can only hope that the President will keep his newfound love in check and remember to pay attention to the pressing problems that face our nation.