LA Requiring Masks as COVID Variant Runs Rampant


Los Angeles County now requires the wearing of masks indoors regardless of whether you are vaccinated. This follows a spike in coronavirus cases due to the spread of the delta variant.

This comes after more than 1000 new cases were added to the county for the seventh consecutive day. The transmission rate is now close to “high” levels, Muntu Davis, Muntu’s county health officials said in a briefing.


He said that the new policy makes it easier for businesses, especially in cases where it is difficult to verify vaccination status to use masks.

“We have to get these numbers down,” he said, warning of the need for stricter measures if the transmission rate doesn’t ease.

“Masking by all makes it a lot easier for this to happen, it means there’s a level playing field, and it adds that layer of protection for fully vaccinated people.”