Judges Fire Back at Warring Litigants

Trump's Free Speech THREATENED - Will They Do It?


Judges do have the power to order litigants to keep quiet, according to an article published on September 26. The author of the narrative, Thomas Moukawsher, asserts that truth permeates well beyond a courtroom’s walls and into the public domain.

It seems that the litigation judge is suggesting that if it can be proven that the defendants’ arguments are false, they can have their ability to speak outside the courtroom restricted. The statements of former President Donald Trump, who has openly criticized judges and district attorneys in his numerous cases, are fundamental to the issue.


Due to his numerous indictments and frequent postings of his thoughts on social media, it is probably difficult for most people to keep up of the amount of complaints the former commander-in-chief has levied against all parties. On one occasion, Trump called Judge Tanya Chutkan “biased & unfair” on his Truth Social platform. He described her as “highly partisan” as well.

Chutkan has been asked to step away from the case by Trump’s legal team. She seems to be very partisan, which is one of the reasons they mention. The former President’s lawyers are currently coping with the prospect of their client being subjected to a gag order in addition to their futile search for a new judge.

The government’s special counsel, Jack Smith, has pushed for a court order prohibiting Trump from making any public statements regarding the matter. It’s hard to count how many times the former president mocked Smith, but in one occasion he labeled the lawyer as “deranged,” a sentiment that many conservatives have expressed agreement with.

Smith requested a gag order, citing Trump’s repeated “inflammatory” and “intimidating” statements as justification for the need to keep the former president quiet so as not to harm the impressions of “potential jurors.” Chutkan has not yet issued such a directive.