Hunter Biden’s Top Defense Lawyer Withdraws From Case

Hunter Biden’s Defense Attorney QUITS Case


Hunter Biden’s lawyer in the federal firearms charge case, Richard Jones, submitted paperwork on Friday to step down from the case.

In an indictment resulting from Special Counsel David Weiss’s investigation, the president’s son was charged with federal gun offenses in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware on Tuesday morning. He entered a not guilty plea.


“Mr. Biden has been advised of, and consents to, our withdrawal. He also agrees this withdrawal will cause no material adverse effect or prejudice to him and remains completely satisfied with Messrs. [Abbe] Lowell’s and [Bartholomew] Dalton’s continued representation of him,” reads the document filed by Jones.

“Accordingly, our withdrawal as counsel will have no material adverse effect on Mr. Biden’s interests,” Jones added.

Fox News Digital sent out a request for comment on Friday, but Jones did not immediately reply.

The president’s son was charged with making false statements in connection with the purchase of a firearm, making false statements regarding information that must be maintained by a federal firearms licensed dealer, and one count of possessing a firearm while abusing or dependent on controlled substances. The charges were brought against the son of the president, who made an appearance in person for his arraignment on Tuesday morning.

The maximum sentence for all counts combined could be up to 25 years in jail. A maximum fine of $250,000 and three years of supervised release are applicable to each offence.

For all three charges, Biden entered a not guilty plea.

The hearing was presided over by Magistrate Judge Christopher Burke, who also set the terms for Biden’s release, which include the president’s son looking for work and disclosing any intentions for travel abroad. In addition, Biden cannot own a gun, consume alcohol, or use drugs. He also has to submit to random drug testing and attend a program for substance abuse therapy.

Weiss filed the federal gun charges against Biden for the first time since Attorney General Merrick Garland gave him special counsel status in August.