Joe Biden Approval Down 10 Points as Pessimism Grows

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE - NOVEMBER 16: U.S. President-elect Joe Biden delivers remarks about the U.S. economy during a press briefing at the Queen Theater on November 16, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. Mr. Biden and his advisors continue to work on the long term economic recovery plan his administration will try to put in place when he takes office. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

According to a Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, 52 percent approve of President Joe Biden’s job, while 43% disapprove.

According to poll results, his approval rating has dropped from 62% in June.


Here are how the results, posted by The Hill, break down:

  • 45% say they approve of the way Congress is doing its job, while 55% disapprove. By comparison, 54% said in June they approve of the job congressional lawmakers were doing, while 46% disapproved.
  • 46% say the U.S. in on the right track, compared to 47% who say its not. In June, 53% said the nation was on the right track and 39% said it was on the wrong track.
  • 43% say the economy is on the right track, while 49% say it is not. By comparison, in June, 49% had said it was on the right track, while 42% said it wasn’t.
  • 36% believe COVID-19 is the most important issue for the U.S. The number marks a 6-point increase from June when the economy and jobs were the chief concerns.

“Overall the country has come down from its mood highs as the Delta variant is putting a crimp in America’s plan to party now and go back to work after Labor Day,” Mark Penn, co-director of the poll, told The Hill.

The poll was conducted between July 28 and 29, surveying 1,788 registered voters. There was no margin for error.