Fox News Reporter Drops Hugh Surprise Live on Air


We’ve seen a great deal of things on atmosphere but what this reporter said, live on air, just before her section on the weather definitely had to have made everybody watching sit up and take notice. Notably the minds of her network.

Fox 26 Houston reporter Ivory Hecker was supposed to be reporting on the air conditioning outages during the heatwave throughout the region. But she had a little surprise for her community first before that report.


Hecker stated that Fox Corp was”muzzling” her from reporting certain things that she believed the viewers should be conscious of, that other reporters were being muzzled, that she’d records, and that Job Veritas was going to be releasing those records tomorrow.

But when you drop a bomb like that live on air, there is no question it will get a good deal of attention — and it is trending all over Twitter at the moment. And given Big Tech such as Twitter has been silenced Project Veritas, this is a really clever and effective method of getting around that prohibit and supply great advertising for the launch.

It is not clear exactly when it comes to, but since it is Project Veritas you know that it’s going to be great.

But what’s funny in addition to that is some people on the left believe it is going to take down people on the right. That would not be my take on it whatsoever. I am willing to bet it is Fox dictating to colleagues that they need to stick to the more liberal line, with which Fox has been compliant in the past couple of years. So it is likely a hit back against the attempt to stifle anything off the liberal story. At least this seems the best take in the present time, we will, of course, see more tomorrow.

It is obviously a brave thing to do on the part of Ivory Hecker. I am thinking that it may cost her that occupation. However, by the same token, she’ll probably get offered jobs elsewhere that respect her coming forward.

Project Veritas last did an expose taking down CNN, so I’d imagine it is along the very same lines.