Former Jill Biden Aide Snaps on Biden Administration, Demands Change

Jill Biden EMBARRASSED - Former Colleague TURNS on Her!


Despite unfavorable polling, President Joe Biden’s party is still positioning him as its 2024 presidential nominee. A former spokesman for First Lady Jill Biden recently lost it on social media, criticizing current government statistics and calling for personnel changes.

Michael LaRosa, who worked as Jill Biden’s Press Secretary and was a special assistant to the President from January 2021 to August 2022, has reservations regarding the route his party has taken with the commander in chief. In response to a recent CNN survey, he vented his anger on X (previously Twitter), calling Trump’s predicted lead “inexcusable.” The former staffer claimed that the administration’s silence in the face of so many allegations against the president and his family was directly responsible for Biden’s drop in the polls.


In a subsequent piece, LaRosa elaborated on how he has been critical of the administration’s strategy for quite some time. He believes the unfettered barrage of GOP attacks on the president’s character and relationships has destroyed the people’s confidence in Biden, and he feels vindicated in his stance when he sees the continued proof in the polls. If LaRosa had his way, he’d fire everyone working for the president and start over. He continues by saying that a shift now would demonstrate that Biden is engaged and “actually cares.”

According to The Hill, the Democrats’ steadfast support for Biden stems from the fact that, historically speaking, a president serving his first term has a greater chance inside his party than a newcomer. Another ex-White House staffer, Jim Messina, thinks the president can beat Trump because he already defeated the MAGA leader once.

Michael Tyler, who is in charge of communications for the Biden/Harris 2024 campaign, shares this optimism. He cites a Gallup survey from a year before Obama’s election that showed him eight points down.