Flight Attendant Snaps – Furiously Yells At Passenger!


Dramatic video depicts a flight attendant berating a rude passenger for reportedly making her coworker cry over a meal order and yelling at the traveler that she is not his servant, saying that he is the one who made her cry.

“Shut up! I am not your servant,”  the IndiGo crew member snarls at the passenger in the now-famous video that Indian reporter Tarun Shukla posted on Twitter.


The low-cost Indian airline confirmed in a statement to Shukla that the irate flight attendant was working on IndiGo aircraft 6E 12 from Istanbul to Delhi on December 16 when the argument started.

The unnamed airline employee says, “Stop pointing your finger at me and yelling at me, my crew is crying because of you.”

She screams, “You cannot talk to the crew like that,” as a fellow crew member tries to diffuse the situation and direct her colleague away.

After the customer requested a sandwich and the crew said they had to make sure one was available, a yelling match broke out.

An IndiGo representative verified the problem was with meals selected by some passengers using a codeshare link in a statement to Shukla.

However, the worker’s response is said to have infuriated the man and brought one of the crew members to tears.

The second flight attendant then intervened, requesting that the passenger make an effort to comprehend.

The customer then requests that she shut up, to which the flight attendant responds, “You shut up! ”

“I am an employee,” she responds, “I am not your servant,” before removing her face mask and leaving with another flight attendant.