FBI Accused of Hiding Criminal Evidence Against Biden From Dozens of Informants

FBI COVERUP - Dozens of Informants SILENCED!


The FBI is confronted with fresh allegations of political prejudice following assertions by a Republican senator who suggests that the FBI is attempting to conceal details regarding the questionable business dealings of the Biden family. 

It is purported that numerous sources have conveyed information that might potentially implicate the President in his family’s financial matters. Senator Chuck Grassley, representing Iowa as a Republican, seeks clarification on why this information appears to have been mishandled within the FBI.


On October 26, the Daily Mail disclosed that it had obtained a letter written by Senator Grassley to Attorney General Merrick Garland. In the letter, Senator Grassley asserted that a Washington, DC-based FBI task force had made efforts to conceal information provided by over 40 confidential sources. Grassley alleges that these confidential sources had furnished evidence of unlawful actions involving President Biden and his son, Hunter. 

He further claims that a task force operating within the FBI’s Washington Field Office had subsequently engaged in improper actions to delay and hinder a thorough and comprehensive investigation into the Biden family.

One of the matters Senator Grassley mentions pertains to the contentious dismissal of Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin in 2014. During that period, Hunter Biden was a member of the board of directors at the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma. 

When Shokin initiated an inquiry into the company, he was swiftly terminated by the Ukrainian government. He has publicly asserted that then-Vice President Biden, who held influence at the time, used his authority to halt the investigation. Correspondence between executives at Burisma and Hunter Biden supports this narrative, though President Biden refutes these claims.

As per Senator Grassley, numerous informants have given him information over the course of several years that a group within the FBI and the Department of Justice is resolute in obstructing any inquiries into the business dealings of the Biden family. Presently, this is a concerning assertion, as the House Oversight Committee also possesses indications of questionable financial transactions within the family.

Given the claims from various individuals that Biden’s son and his younger brother James have leveraged their influential family member’s connections and political sway for profitable agreements, any insinuation that the FBI is attempting to conceal evidence could have devastating consequences for the confidence in federal law enforcement.