Cruz Takes a Stand against Fauci


Senator Ted Cruz ripped against Dr. Fauci in a recent speech, calling him a tyrant with a gravelly voice who promotes anti-liberty policies.

“Hell no. For petty tyrants like Fauci, they only have one tool in their toolbox: authoritarian restrictions. Enough is enough.”


In the video to which Cruz is replying, Fauci says that if Covid returns, America must be ready to shift.

When the CDC announced the changes to their metrics, Fauci stated that most of the country is now in a position where masking may be reduced. That was accompanied by a large disclaimer. If, on the other hand, things start to turn around and you start to see a concerning increase in instances, particularly if they end in an increase in hospitalization, they are urged to be concerned.

When there is a crowded situation, we should be prepared to pivot and possibly reinstate some of these limits regarding indoor masking. Let’s sincerely hope this does not occur. However, we must be prepared for this eventuality.

Furthermore, Fauci stated that America may have to deal with Covid on a regular basis.

So, while Fauci may have made a tactical retreat and backed down on the masks and regulations, he’s clearly hoping to get another chance to bring them back.

Cruz was not thrilled with that statement, nor with the insinuation that Fauci is seeking for a way to reclaim all of the mandates and powers he was given years ago when Covid initially appeared.

More Americans and lawmakers should support Cruz over Fauci, hopefully. Mandates and rules have been disappearing across the country, a good sign for those who are sick and tired of the tyranny, whether it’s because Democrats are trying to regain some popularity before the midterm elections or because people are simply tired of Covid.