China Shuts Down Major Ports Due To Pandemic


Countless others warned America about Joe and Hunter Biden’s support and connection with the Chinese Communist Party throughout the 2020 presidential campaign, including talk show host Sean Hannity, investigative reporter Peter Schweizer, and author Peter Schweizer (CCP).

The administration’s mishandling of COVID via vaccine requirements has made it difficult to attract employees to operate cargo ports since Biden’s election a year ago. Furthermore, truck drivers are staying at home in protest of vaccine regulations, causing delays in the unloading of the merchandise.


Despite the fact that the Omicron model is far less lethal, the CCP has opted to shut down major cargo ports, which will undoubtedly affect the global supply of basic goods.

And, as we’ve discussed in recent weeks, China, with its covid-zero policy in general and its covid-locked down ports in particular, is one place where this growth downturn is arising – aside from the upcoming deterioration in US consumption, where spending is now being funded at record rates by credit cards before it confronts a troubling air pocket.

We know that some markets in the United States will likely experience a big increase in the number of bare shelves at shopper’s beloved stores and markets.

If you reside in an urban region, now is a perfect time to stock up on necessities so you don’t run out in the not-too-distant future.

A lengthy shutdown of these ports is likely to increase inflation in the United States, adding to Joe Biden’s growing list of failures.