Biden’s Team Fears Trump Has Beat Them With Workers’ Strike

ALARMING Situation for Biden's Advisors - They're TOTALLY PANICKING!


UAW, the union representing autoworkers, has backed Joe Biden for president in 2020. Given the Democratic Party’s historical stance in favor of labor unions, the endorsement came as no surprise. This time around, though, the group is waiting out the strike before giving its approval. It has been reported that the Biden campaign is worried about the potential support former president Donald Trump has among regular voters.

At the month’s end, Trump will visit Detroit to address the car industry’s workforce there. POLITICO reported recently that Democrats believe the former president is trying to garner political capital from the strike. They allegedly worry that this trip shows Trump is stepping up the sophistication of his campaign.


The GOP has been criticizing President Joe Biden’s plans for electric cars, claiming that the strike was caused by the Democrats and Republicans’ joint efforts to improve the nation’s infrastructure. Unionized autoworkers have complained that they are being excluded from agreements that will hasten the transition to electric vehicles. The Biden administration has publicly stated its backing for the strike and its desire for union job support funding to come from infrastructure projects.

The president can not visit Michigan because it will look like he is only there because his prospective 2024 competitor will be there, according to a Democratic strategist who claims Trump “scooped” them.

That Trump “boxed Biden in” was “kinda genius,” according to a union adviser quoted on the website. Meanwhile, reports indicate that the White House is attempting to formulate a response to the attack. It canceled preparations to deploy two negotiators to the scene. The president’s goal is to prevent a prolonged strike while also showing his support for the workforce.

California Democrat and presidential advisory board member Rep. Ro Khanna issued a warning to his party, saying they “should not underestimate Donald Trump.” According to the Democrat lawmaker, the party needs to develop “a message to working-class Americans” because Trump is a “survivor.” He said that they are still struggling to make ends meet due to the rising costs of “gas prices, food prices,” as well as rent, utilities, and transportation.

The Democratic Party still seems to be struggling to find its voice.