Biden’s Cages Are Back at the Border



The Tucson Sector along the U.S.-Mexico border is experiencing a significant influx of undocumented immigrants, placing pressure on resources in a region that usually witnesses more individuals evading capture than those seeking asylum.

Consequently, a minimal number of Border Patrol agents are presently engaged in active patrols along the southern border due to the necessity of rapidly handling and releasing the numerous illegal immigrants from their facilities. 


Once more, images and footage have surfaced depicting illegal immigrants being confined outdoors within congested enclosures, a situation that previously sparked criticism from Democrats and their supporters in the mainstream media.

Despite the evident limitations in the Border Patrol’s capacity to detain and process individuals, the situation at the border remains far from under control, particularly in the context of unauthorized border crossings into Arizona. The inadequacy of holding facilities and resources has not acted as a deterrent or obstacle substantial enough to impede the steady stream of people entering the state unlawfully.

According to preliminary reports, the number of individuals apprehended at the southern border during the month of August has surpassed the significant milestone of 230,000. This notable figure stands in stark contrast to the claims made by the Biden administration, which has asserted its efforts to curtail the incidence of illegal border crossings.

However, it’s crucial to emphasize that this reported figure only represents those individuals who were caught by law enforcement during their attempted border crossings. It does not account for the additional number of individuals who managed to elude detection and successfully evade law enforcement authorities after crossing into the United States illegally. This aspect underscores the complexity and ongoing challenges associated with border security and immigration control.