Biden Threatens Second Amendment Supporters


On Tuesday, President Joe Biden participated in a campaign-style rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, when he launched into one of the most boisterous and venomous tirades of his tenure.

President Joe Biden attempted to blame “MAGA Republicans” for the numerous national issues that have arisen during his administration before launching an attack on Second Amendment supporters.


“As one of the most — one of the most conservative justices in history, Justice Scalia, once wrote like, quote, ‘like most rights, the rights granted by the second amendment are not unlimited. They’re not unlimited right now. You can’t go out and buy an automatic weapon. You can’t go out and buy a cannon,” Biden stated.

This exaggeration is risky. Biden claims that Second Amendment advocates who uphold the law are murderous killers who target regular Americans like the audience members.

In the United States, there are about 150 million individuals who have access to weapons.

In an effort to dispel the claim that banning assault weapons is not about taking away anyone’s guns, President Biden also made a senseless argument in favor of the ban.