Biden Regime’s Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Goes Into Effect Next Week For All Americans

Biden's Light Bulb BAN Hits America Next Week - Lights Out!


The nationwide ban on incandescent lightbulbs goes into force next week, limiting consumers’ lighting options to LEDs.

On Tuesday, it will no longer be lawful for businesses to produce or sell incandescent light bulbs, but it will still be legal for individuals to own them.


To prevent Americans from accidentally going backwards in time, the federal government has been issuing increasingly dire warnings since January. The government has announced a ban on producing and selling incandescent bulbs, citing environmental and economic benefits.

In their place, traditional incandescent light bulbs will need to be replaced with either LEDs or CFLs.

But there are many who argue that the prohibition is an example of excessive government meddling and that citizens should be allowed to choose for themselves whatever light bulbs to use in their homes.

LED lights, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, are more efficient than incandescent bulbs, lasting 25 times longer while producing the same amount of light. Also, it is predicted that households can save around $100 annually by switching to LED lighting.

According to a survey by Lifehacker, the average price of an LED light bulb is between $5 and $7, whereas the average price of an incandescent light bulb is between $2 and $3. LED lights, on the other hand, are more cost-effective because they consume less energy and last longer.

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by a significant amount over a 30-year period and saving Americans about $3 billion annually was another claim made by the government.

Despite the long-term benefits, some people have argued that the government should not force them to make the changeover.

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