Accused Murderer’s Defense Team Makes Unbelievable Claim

Attorneys SHOCK the Nation - Look What They Said!


Attorneys for Richard Allen, the suspected killer, believe that there is strong proof that the adolescent girls who were killed in Delphi, Indiana, in 2017 were ritually sacrificed. 

The defense team claims that a religious sect known as Odinism was responsible for the horrifying murders. Odinism is founded on a hedonistic Norse faith. Allen’s legal team asserts that he has no connections to odinism and that they have five suspects who are unrelated to their client. This, they assert, demonstrates Allen’s culpability.


In Delphi, Indiana, Richard Allen was detained in October 2022 for the murder of two adolescent females. The murders happened on February 14, 2017. On February 13, 2017, the two girls—Liberty German, 14, and Abigail Williams, 13—vanished from a well-traveled hiking trail. The following day, their bodies were discovered in a wooded area close to the Moon High Bridge.

According to the attorneys, sticks and branches were strewn around the girls’ bodies, and runes or symbols associated to odinism were discovered. The murder scene was described as “ghoulish,” and the girls’ bodies appeared to have been “moved and staged.” When a Purdue scholar said that the evidence had nothing to do with Odinism, the investigation into the potential of a ritualistic killing was shut down in March 2017.

In a 136-page brief, Allen’s attorneys contend that the professor’s theory is false. The cult responsible was hijacked by white nationalists, according to Allen’s defense. The documentation was submitted on Monday in support of a proceeding where a judge will determine whether a search warrant was obtained dishonestly.

Allen is said to have repeatedly confessed to the killings while in prison. According to court records that were unsealed in July, Allen allegedly confessed to killing the girls five times during a phone call with his wife on April 3. His wife abruptly put the phone down. 

The day following this phone contact, according to Allen’s attorneys, they visited him and saw signs of schizophrenia in him. They added that he had psychotic signs and was delusional. Allen has entered a not guilty plea and is set to go on trial in January.