Trump Suddenly Alters Course – Cancels Big Plan!



Only a day prior to the announcement by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis regarding the grand jury’s decision to indict Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants on charges of fraud and racketeering linked to their endeavors to overturn the 2020 election outcomes in Georgia, the ex-president expressed strong criticism towards Willis through social media. Through a post on Truth Social, Trump referred to Willis as the D.A. with significant underachievement, and alleged that she was facing accusations of engaging in a romantic relationship with a gang member whom she was prosecuting.

Trump argued that the initial phone conversation between himself and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, which led to the commencement of Willis’ inquiry, was a “PERFECT PHONE CALL OF PROTEST.” He asserted that Willis’ involvement was unrelated to him and proposed that she shift her attention to the “record number of murders in Atlanta!”


Shortly thereafter, Trump made another social media update, this time asserting that he possessed “Massive and Conclusive Proof” of electoral misconduct in Georgia, which he intended to present to the grand jury.

Following his indictment on Monday, Trump once again utilized Truth Social to announce a forthcoming press briefing at the Bedminster location on Monday, August 21. During this event, he planned to unveil indisputable proof in support of his allegations of election fraud in Georgia during the 2020 election. Trump stated that once he delivered his “CONCLUSIVE Report” regarding this purported voter fraud, the indictment would be dismissed, leading to his exoneration.

Thursday saw Trump using Truth Social as a platform to communicate that he had opted against conducting a press briefing at the Bedminster location for the purpose of revealing his “CONCLUSIVE Report.” He stated that his legal representatives preferred to incorporate the information within official Legal Submissions.

Nonetheless, ABC News issued a report on Thursday morning, indicating that Trump’s legal advisors were suggesting the cancellation of the scheduled Monday press conference, as they contended that it would merely add complexity to his legal challenges.