Trump SOUNDS OFF Forcing Biden to Finally Take Action

Trump SOUNDS OFF Forcing Biden to Finally Take Action


After Biden mostly disregarded the disaster and declined to send aid, President Trump announced his travel to East Palestine on Friday. Paradoxically, just hours after Trump announced his visit, Biden reversed his decision and chose to deploy a FEMA help team to the area.

Many people believe Biden only did this to avoid being overshadowed by Trump:


In a recent Truth Social post, Trump also commented on the abrupt change of heart, adding, “we got them to move.”

“Biden and FEMA said they would not be sending federal aid to East Palestine. As soon as I announced that I’m going, he announced a team will go. Hopefully he will also be there. This is good news because we got them too ‘move’. The people of east Palestine need help. I’ll see you on Wednesday!”, the President said.

FEMA went from claiming that Ohio “did not qualify” for aid to rushing a team to the area in a couple of days. To say the least, this enormous turnaround raises concerns.

Following Trump’s announcement, the Biden administration issued the following deceptive press release:

It’s encouraging to see the White House acting responsibly, even if only for political reasons.

The inhabitants of East Palestine, on the other hand, will always remember who was actually there for them in their hour of need.