Trump Says He Intentionally Mixes Up Politicians Names

GAFFES Made Intentionally? - Trump Goes BIZARRE!


After repeatedly mispronouncing individuals’ names during recent rallies and events, former President Donald Trump asserts that his “mistakes” were deliberate.

Similar to the ongoing allegations against President Joe Biden regarding his mental acuity and memory decline due to age, Trump has also faced recent criticisms. Last month, he stated that Barack Obama, who left office in 2017, was the current president and seemingly confused Nikki Haley, the sole other Republican presidential candidate, with Nancy Pelosi, the former Democratic Speaker of the House.


Trump now contends that these incidents were not accidental but rather intentional displays of sarcasm. According to him, suggesting that Obama was still in the White House was based on the theory that Obama remained in Washington, D.C. to exert influence over the executive branch covertly. Additionally, Trump claims that he intentionally referred to his Republican rival, Nikki Haley, by the name of the former Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, asserting that they share the commonality of being that they “both being stink.”

Haley promptly confronted Trump for his mistake, expressing concerns about his mental sharpness. Her campaign has recently centered on the argument that both Trump and Biden lack the mental capacity to handle the pressures of the presidency. Haley proposed implementing cognitive testing for all presidential candidates. Contrary to this, Trump insists that he “aced”  in mental fitness tests and asserts that he feels more mentally agile than he did “20 years ago.”

This issue appears to be impacting candidates across party lines, as per a recent Department of Justice report. The report from the Special Counsel suggested that Biden, aged 81, has experienced lapses in his memory. It highlighted instances where Biden could not recall the year of his son’s death or the year his term as Vice President concluded.