Transgender Daughter Of Second-ranking House Democrat Sentenced For Assaulting Boston Cop

Trans Daughter of Powerful Dem Sentenced for Assaulting Cop!


Riley Dowell, the daughter of the House Minority Whip Katherine Clark, who holds the second highest position among the Democrats in the lower house, has received a sentence of one year of probation for her involvement in a violent protest in Boston earlier this year. 

Dowell, who is 23 years old, was arrested in January for allegedly spray-painting a monument in the historic Boston Common with anti-police slogans, including “NO COP CITY” and “ACAB.” She also reportedly hit a police officer during her arrest, leading to charges of assault and battery, as well as charges related to property damage and resisting arrest. 


Dowell has made a deal with prosecutors, which will result in the dismissal of her case after completing 30 hours of community service, writing an apology letter to Officer Daniel Roca, who she allegedly hit, and re-paying the cost of removing her graffiti. The apology letter has already been written by Dowell, according to the Boston Globe.

Boston Municipal Court Judge Steven Key has also instructed Dowell to participate in therapy, finish a community-based program, and avoid the location of the anti-police protest. 

Initially, after her arrest, Dowell, who is transgender, was identified by her birth name, Jared Dowell, in the police reports. 

Clark acknowledged Dowell’s arrest in a statement released in January.

In March, on International Trans Day of Visibility, the Democratic congresswoman mentioned Dowell on the House floor. She spoke in support of the trans community, who are facing a battle for their existence and whose voices need to be heard and not suppressed or criminalized. She also highlighted the importance of celebrating trans joy, rather than eradicating it. Clark expressed her love for her trans daughter, Riley, and showed solidarity with all trans Americans who are fighting for their right to pursue happiness.