Ted Cruz Learns Who Will Challenge His Seat

SENATE SHOWDOWN - Reelection Battle Heats Up!


One of the most despised senators on Capitol Hill used to be Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). In fact, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joked that if the senator was killed on the Senate floor and the murderer was tried in the upper house, the killer would not be found guilty. Thankfully, the Texas congressman is becoming more popular with his fellow Republicans. Now that he is running for reelection once more, his opponent has just been revealed.

The Texas Democratic primary took place on March 5. Rep. Colin Allred beat state Senator Roland Gutierrez to become the party’s nominee to take on Cruz this fall. Allred is a former NFL player who made headlines when he broke with his party over the situation on the US-Mexico border.


Allred spent four seasons as an NFL linebacker with the Tennessee Titans. Allred attended the US Berkeley School of Law after quitting football and graduated with a law degree. He was employed as a special assistant at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) during the tenure of former President Barack Obama.

Allred worked as a voting rights litigator at the Perkins Coie law firm following his tenure in the Obama administration. In 2017, he campaigned and was elected to the US House. Longtime Republican Pete Sessions was removed by him; he had been a member of Congress since 1997.

In 2022, the US Chamber of Commerce endorsed Allred for reelection. Only four Democrats received an endorsement from the group, including him. His 100% union vote has earned him praise from the AFL-CIO.

While criticizing the Biden administration for border difficulties, Allred has also opposed the Texas bill that outlaws sanctuary towns. Additionally, he referred to the border wall built by former President Donald Trump as “racist.”

Allred faces a tough battle in the Senate race against Cruz. However, in 2018, Democrat Beto O’Rourke came within 2.5% of unseating the senator. Allred could come out on top.