Squid Game Star Says He Was Assaulted At European McDonald’s For Being American

Famous Star PHYSICALLY ATTACKED - He Was Ambushed!


Geoffrey Giuliano, a 69-year-old actor who played one of the wealthy VIP spectators in the violent Netflix blockbuster series, Squid Game, , alleges he was physically assaulted and denied service at a McDonald’s at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport for being an American.

Giuliano said that the event took place as he was awaiting a connecting aircraft on New Year’s Eve while en route from Portugal to Thailand.


Giuliano went to the McDonald’s in the airport to grab a vegetarian burger since, according to him, he has diabetes and required nourishment before his 15-hour journey.

A McDonald’s employee, who Giuliano claims to be a manager, is seen pushing the client in a video the actor posted.

Giuliano, who was in a wheelchair after having a knee replacement surgery due to an injury, is then shown with what appears to be another staff member raising his hand toward him.

Giulano can be heard saying, “All I’m asking is to get some food because I’m diabetic.”

While being repeatedly asked to leave by the McDonald’s employee who is being referred to as the manager, Giuliano refuses and threatens to “report” the man to his employer.

Giuliano screams, “Get your hands off me,” as the smiling manager tries to convince him to leave, standing right in front of him. ”  Don’t touch me. It’s assault.”

Giuliano claims that while he was in line waiting to place his order, he was kicked out and refused service due to his nationality.

“An older Indian McDonald’s greeter saw me, politely put me in the line and pushed me forward. However, when I started talking to my son Eden, a young manager heard my American accent and suddenly they would not serve me.The whole thing was due to an aggressive manager and another employee who obviously did not like Americans.”