Senator Lindsey Graham Added to Putin’s Terror List

SHOCKING - Senator Graham Put on the TERROR LIST


A list of 12,000 individuals deemed as “terrorists and extremists” by the Russian state financial surveillance organization allegedly includes Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). The South Carolina senator is also wanted by the former Soviet republic, which cited “Russophobic” remarks Graham made during his visit to Ukraine as grounds for his detention.

In a video that surfaced in May 2023, the Kremlin’s official media allegedly distorted his remarks, making it seem as though he claimed that the lives lost by Russian forces had been justified. To add insult to injury, Graham accused Putin of being behind the assassination of a prominent Russian opposition figure, further incensed the foreign ruler.


Graham shared about his addition to the list on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. He stated simply, “There goes all my rubles!” along with a link to an article The Guardian published on the story. He appears to address the Kremlin directly in a second, lengthier, post, where he claims Ukraine will see more aid in 2024. He also states that NATO will only grow in the following year and insists the US will designate Russia as a State Sponsor of Terrorism.

After the assassination of Russian opposition leader Alexai Navalny, whom Graham characterized as “one of the bravest people” he had ever encountered, Graham recently placed direct responsibility on Putin. In addition, he spoke to President Joe Biden, pleading with him to hold the Kremlin leader accountable for ordering Navalny’s tragic demise.

The long-time critic of Putin’s leadership, Navalny, who passed away recently while in Russian detention, had been the target of multiple attacks. In 2017, he was assaulted with an unknown liquid, causing him to lose around 80% of his vision in one eye. When he got on a flight three years later, he was once again the target of an assassin who used a nerve toxin of military grade, almost killing him. The captain reportedly made the life-saving decision to divert the plane to a nearby airport when he went from fine one minute to writhing on the floor, screaming in pain.

If Graham does not possess any rubles abroad, his inclusion on the list is just symbolic, as Russia’s national financial surveillance agency can only freeze Russian bank accounts.