Schiff’s Victory Speech Cut Short

Adam Schiff HUMILIATED - Look What Happened!


During his victory speech on March 5 — Super Tuesday — at Hollywood’s Avalon Theater, Democratic Representative Adam Schiff was abruptly interrupted and shouted off the stage by a group of demonstrators. Despite the disruption, the liberal leader continued to declare his victory, having secured his official advancement to the US Senate race.

During the event, a scuffle broke out among the attendees when several protesters began chanting “Let Gaza live” and “cease-fire now” so loudly that they succeeded in halting Schiff’s speech. Despite the Democratic politician’s attempts to calm the situation, the demonstrators continued to grow louder for a few minutes, prompting many attendees to urge them to cease interrupting the speech.


After the protests subsided, Schiff resumed his speech, expressing gratitude to those who supported him at the polls. Yet, he also addressed the protesters, emphasizing that all attendees of the Avalon Theater event were fortunate to reside in a nation with a robust democracy where the right to protest is upheld. He stressed the importance of cherishing such democratic values and asserted his commitment to safeguarding them from any alteration.

The Biden administration’s strategy toward the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas has drawn criticism from several progressive Democrats in recent weeks due to Schiff’s endorsement of it, which they view as being too radical. According to many accounts, the issue has caused rifts inside the Democratic Party, with numerous legislators publicly condemning US President Joe Biden from the most extreme wing.

In California’s Senate Primary, Republican Steve Garvey also progressed and delivered his victory speech in Palm Springs. Garvey, a former professional baseball player, will now compete against the Democratic leader in the upcoming November general election. The winner will assume the seat left vacant by the late Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, who passed away in September 2023.