Republican Challenger Closing in On Democrats

Republican Candidate Makes WAVES - Upset Brewing?


In September, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) passed away at the age of 90 after facing various health challenges. Following her demise, several Democrats expressed their intention to vie for the vacant position. Senator Feinstein had successfully secured the seat for more than three decades and emerged victorious in her recent election. Despite the seat being deemed secure by political analysts due to her consistent electoral wins since 1992, a Republican contender is showing a notable rise in the polls.

In October, Steve Garvey, the ex-player for San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers, joined the California Senate race. His swift ascent in the polls became evident soon after. As indicated by a POLITICO | Morning Consult poll unveiled in late 2023, Garvey currently holds the second position in the March 5 primary polls, securing a 19% approval rating. Representative Katie Porter (D-CA) follows closely with 17%, while Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) holds a 14% standing.


Garvey’s notable surge in the polls is intriguing given his limited public appearances since joining the race in October. This development has put his Democratic competitors in a state of concern. According to The Mercury News, both Porter and Schiff have issued appeals for fundraising, citing Garvey as a motivating factor to contribute. Schiff’s campaign specifically highlighted the rise of a GOP candidate in the polls for California’s Senate race, portraying it as a scenario long envisioned by the California Republican Party.

Porter’s campaign cautioned her supporters, indicating that Garvey might pose a hindrance to her ability to meet the requirements for the general election.

Come March 5, the two leading candidates will advance to the general election. Should Garvey secure the second position, the general election dynamic would shift from an all-Democratic contest to a competition between a Republican and a Democrat. Given the state’s predominantly Democratic nature, instances where Conservatives contend strongly in statewide races are rare, making the presence of a Republican in the second spot during the primaries indicative of significant strength for that candidate.

While Garvey is currently ahead of Porter and Lee, he trails Schiff by approximately nine points. The Democratic congressman is widely perceived as the probable victor in the Senate race. Schiff has established a prominent reputation, particularly during the tenure of former President Donald Trump, where he notably played a leading role in one of the impeachment proceedings.

Nevertheless, Garvey is demonstrating strong performance. Thad Kousser, a professor of political science at the University of California-San Diego, informed The Mercury News that Garvey’s notable name recognition and impressive standing in recent polls significantly enhance his likelihood of representing the Republican party effectively in the November elections.