Pro-Life Activists Attacked While Protesting Outside DC Planned Parenthood

Pro-Life Activists Faced BRUTAL Attack


On Saturday, two individuals who advocate for the pro-life movement faced an unfortunate incident while conducting a protest outside the DC Planned Parenthood. Terrisa Bukovanic, the Founder and Executive Director of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), and Michael Gribbin regularly engage in sidewalk counseling near the clinic, offering information about assistance and alternative choices for women reconsidering their decision.

According to a statement from PAAU, the incident unfolded when a woman approached Terrisa Bukovanic and aggressively threw coffee at her, targeting her face and hair. Michael Gribbin intervened to retrieve the coffee cup, but he was subsequently assaulted by the woman’s male partner.


The incident, a significant portion of which was recorded on video, depicts Gribbon being forcefully thrown to the ground and subjected to repeated punches. Additionally, the video captures the moment when Bukovanic is slapped in the face by the woman who had earlier thrown the coffee.

Despite the clear evidence captured on video, the DC police chose not to press charges against the attackers.

“Even as a progressive anti-abortion atheist I understand that the abortion industrial complex is responsible for a mass genocide which will require immense bravery to dismantle. Pro-lifers must be committed to total non-violence to effectively challenge the institution of legal child killing around the globe,” Bukovanic addded.

In a statement, Michael New, a professor at the Catholic University of America, who also assists in organizing pro-life sidewalk counseling activities outside the DC Planned Parenthood, expressed, “It is sad, but unsurprising that the DC police have refused to press charges on two individuals who assaulted 2 pro-life sidewalk counselors outside the DC Planned Parenthood. Pro-lifers have first amendment rights and no one should have to fear for their safety while sidewalk counseling. As someone who coordinates sidewalk counseling efforts outside the DC Planned Parenthood it is of paramount importance that our volunteers are safe. If Terrisa and Michael wish to file civil charges against their assailants, they would have my enthusiastic support.”

PAAU pointed out that the DC police have a history of declining to press charges against individuals who assault pro-life demonstrators, and this recent incident is not the first occurrence of such refusal.

“On August 31, 2019, Gribbin was chalking pro-life messages on the sidewalk outside the DC Planned Parenthood. Quinn Chasan who worked for Google stole Gribbin’s chalk and threw it down the street. When confronted Chasan proceeded to assault Gribbin. Despite video evidence of the incident, the DC police refused to press charges.”