Police Bodycam Footage Shows NJ School Board Officals Calling Police on Citizens Who Look Trumpish (VIDEO)

School Board Officials CALL Police - PROFILING Trump Supporters (VIDEO)


On Wednesday, the O’Keefe Media Group unveiled approximately 20 minutes of police body camera footage. The video depicted school board officials from New Jersey contacting the police about individuals whom they did not recognize and who appeared to have a resemblance to supporters of former President Trump.

According to James O’Keefe, the police and school officials collaborated to collect information on attendees of school board meetings who had a distinct appearance. The obtained recordings were acquired through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.


James O’Keefe further stated that this release marks the initiation of a series of police body camera recordings.

This is the unfiltered perspective of school board officials and police towards individuals with a “Trumpish” appearance, captured when they were unaware of the camera’s presence.

On August 8th, officials from the Livingston school board contacted the police due to their lack of familiarity with certain individuals.

McLaughlin and the police officer drew a comparison between journalists associated with O’Keefe Media Group and Antifa.

Following his review of the body camera footage, James O’Keefe approached Toni McLaughlin in the parking area.

“You said that there’s “Trumpish” people. What did you mean by “Trumpish” at the school board meetings?” O’Keefe asked.

McLaughlin swiftly moved away, evading all inquiries posed by James O’Keefe.