Obama Calls For Small Donations For Biden Campaign

Dems Getting DESPERATE - Obama BEGS!


Former President Barack Obama is making efforts to support President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign by participating in a video where they appeal for donations. In the recorded message, Obama encourages voters to contribute smaller amounts, even as little as $5, as he believes that these modest donations played a crucial role in Biden’s previous election victory.

Obama emphasizes that President Biden has made significant strides, but acknowledges that there are still pressing issues that demand attention, such as voting rights, healthcare, welfare programs, and freedom. He urges voters to generously contribute from their own resources to facilitate progress in these areas.


Biden is urging fellow Democrats to actively gather funds as the quarter comes to a close. This effort can be seen as an attempt by both Biden and the Democratic party to counter the notion that support for Biden is dwindling. By raising substantial funds that can be disclosed by July 15th, they aim to strengthen Biden’s backing for the 2024 presidency.

Obama is strategically lending his support by reaching out to specific groups of voters who may find it challenging to connect with Biden, such as younger voters or individuals who have grown disenchanted with politics due to unfulfilled promises. To accomplish this, Obama sent text messages to the public, requesting donations and assistance for his “friends,” Joe and Kamala. The party is also leveraging social media platforms to solicit donations. Additionally, Biden is seeking contributions from affluent donors in New York and Manhattan to financially support his campaign.

According to Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-chair of Biden’s campaign, he expresses that he has never witnessed such a high level of motivation and unity within the Democratic party when it comes to actively contributing and mobilizing for first-quarter donations. Despite some people considering it unnecessary and believing that 80-year-old Biden already possesses the necessary support to secure another four years in office, the Democrats are determined to bolster their donation funds and conclude this quarter on a strong note.