Newt Gingrich Has a Warning About Michelle Obama

Newt Gingrich WARNS GOP About 2024!


Fox News contributor Maria Bartiromo recently interviewed former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on her show “Sunday Morning Futures.” President Joe Biden’s reelection prospects were addressed for a short time before the regular guest offered his speculations on the latest shakeup in Biden’s advisory team. Gingrich claims that former First Lady Michelle Obama is considering a run for president.

According to the newest surveys, over two-thirds of Americans disapprove of the president in every way, as reported by Bartiromo. She also pointed out that the day he announced his re-election bid was the day that White House domestic policy director Susan Rice formally resigned. When asked his opinion, Gingrich said the synchronicity of events was likely not a coincidence.


Gingrich claimed that the Democratic leader, Joe Biden, was “steadily getting more forgetful” and that he had “a pretty weak base on which to run for president.” He felt that “at a minimum,” Rice left because Biden might have opted to run again against her advice — but he feels more significant moves could be at play, and the advisor might even be looking to support a new administration.

Gingrich claims that all indicators lead to Michelle Obama officially entering the contest. He pointed out that the former first lady had recently made an appearance alongside artist Bruce Springsteen, and that there were rumors that she had played tambourine on stage during one of his performances. Gingrich also brought up Obama’s joint appearance with Oprah Winfrey at a book tour event in Los Angeles, which drew a crowd of 9,000. “I think Republicans had better pay significant attention to Michelle Obama,” he warned.

Bartiromo also asked long-standing Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) his thoughts on Rice’s departure, but the lawmaker had a far simpler response: “I think rats are fleeing the ship.” He added that Biden’s only saving grace was “the corrupt corporate media,” which Cruz believes will try to spin the president’s mistakes in a way that puts the Right at fault and clears the path for whoever winds up running for the Left.