Mother Arrested After Faking Child’s Cancer for Donation Money

JAILED - Child Cancer Patient Gets USED


A woman from Ohio has been apprehended for orchestrating a fraudulent scheme involving soliciting donations for her allegedly ill daughter. The significant issue with her prolonged plea for assistance is that her daughter did not, in fact, have cancer. Consequently, she is now confronted with charges related to theft through trickery.

In October of 2017, Pamela Reid introduced an online platform devoted to her 20-month-old daughter, AR, whose complete identity remains confidential due to her tender age. Reid revealed that AR was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia, a condition affecting the bone marrow and resulting in a deficiency of blood cells. Over time, AR’s health noticeably declined, and it was later revealed that she developed visual impairment in one eye, along with experiencing seizures.


Subsequently, she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a highly aggressive and nearly always fatal form of blood cell cancer. Worried friends and supporters donated substantial amounts of money to assist with her medical expenses. Reid shared images of herself cradling her daughter, who had lost her hair due to the treatments. As AR commenced elementary school, her vigilant mother consistently communicated with the school nurse regarding the girl’s ongoing treatments. It was during this time that the school nurse conducted an eye examination for AR.

To the surprise of the nurse, it became apparent that, contrary to Reid’s previous statements, AR did not suffer from blindness in her right eye. Alarmed by this revelation, the nurse contacted the Reids’ healthcare provider to delve into the girl’s health status. To her astonishment, it was discovered that AR did not have leukemia or any form of cancer, and never had. The nurse raised her concerns, highlighting that Reid had provided ample documentation to the school regarding AR’s supposed cancer. The doctor confirmed that all the information was fabricated – which indeed, it was.

On January 4, the Noble County Sheriff’s Office initiated an inquiry into Reid, examining whether she had acquired funds through deceptive means. Swiftly, they verified that Reid had obtained substantial donations, totaling thousands of dollars, ostensibly intended for her daughter’s care – a single local charity had contributed $8,000. Just four days later, Reid was apprehended and accused of theft by deception. During questioning, she promptly abandoned her false narratives and admitted to concocting the entire scheme.

Reid acknowledged fabricating the medical documents submitted to the school and altering medications to resemble cancer drugs. She openly admitted to shaving AR’s head to create the appearance of undergoing chemotherapy. Although she has been released on a $50,000 bond, the extent of the deception has left many in disbelief. Even Reid’s other daughter was misled into believing that AR was terminally ill. Now, the seven-year-old sister has come to realize that her mother is not dealing with a seriously ill sibling but, instead, has uncovered the startling truth about her mother’s deceitful actions.