Michigan Defensive Line Coach Gets Suspended

He's Been SUSPENDED - After Police Arrested Him!


The coaching staff of the University of Michigan’s NCAA football team underwent significant changes recently. In January, the departure of longtime head coach Jim Harbaugh was announced as he accepted a coaching position with the Los Angeles Chargers. Sherrone Moore took over as the new head coach, and later appointed Greg Scruggs as the defensive line coach. However, Scruggs’ tenure was short-lived, as he was suspended indefinitely just 10 days after assuming the role on March 6th.

On March 16, during the early hours of the morning, Scruggs was apprehended by the Ann Arbor Police Department for driving under the influence. The news swiftly spread to the university, prompting an announcement a few hours later stating that the newly appointed defensive line coach had been suspended indefinitely pending an investigation by the university.


Coach Moore addressed the press, recognizing Scruggs’ regrettable error without offering any excuses. He emphasized the unfortunate timing of the situation, particularly as the football team’s spring practice commenced on Monday, March 18.

This incident isn’t the sole instance of Scruggs facing DUI charges. In late 2011, Kentucky’s Bullitt County police arrested him after his vehicle veered off the road and collided with a light pole. Upon approaching the scene, officers observed indications of intoxication such as a strong smell of alcohol and bloodshot, watery eyes. Scruggs confessed to drinking at a bar, leading to the administration of a field sobriety test, which he failed, followed by a breathalyzer test where he registered a blood alcohol content of 0.117.

During that period, Scruggs was in his final year as a college student at the University of Louisville. Following his arrest, the team parted ways with him. Subsequently, he was drafted by Seattle and enjoyed a four-season stint in the NFL before transitioning to coaching, having worked at both professional and collegiate levels. If found guilty of the charges, Scruggs could potentially face a sentence of up to 93 days in jail, along with community service and/or a $500 fine. Additionally, his driver’s license might be suspended for six months.