Michelle Obama Admits She’s ‘Terrified’ of Potential Election Outcome

Obama ADMITS IT - Bombshell DROPPED


Former First Lady Michelle Obama strongly opposed former President Donald Trump during his 2016 White House campaign. Despite her concerns, his victory was not deterred. Presently, there are indications that he may secure the GOP primary, causing her to express apprehension about the potential outcomes in the upcoming November election.

The most recent installment of Jay Shetty’s “On Purpose” podcast was released on January 9. In this episode, Obama engaged in a discussion with Shetty covering a range of subjects, including the impending presidential election. She emphasized the significance of the individuals chosen by the American public to represent them, highlighting the consequential impact that is often overlooked by many.


During the conversation with Shetty, Obama underscored the significance of the tone adopted by America’s leaders. She expressed the view that leaders should refrain from impulsive remarks, deeming such behavior as “childish.” 

Additionally, she raised the issue of a perceived double standard in the discussion, pointing out what she sees as a contrast in treatment between former President Donald Trump’s four indictments and over 90 felony charges and the potential consequences for a Black individual facing similar legal challenges in seeking office.

The comments from the ex-first lady surfaced a few days following a report by The Washington Post, which asserted that her husband, former President Barack Obama, cautioned Biden about the potential for Trump’s reelection. The two gentlemen had a confidential lunch at the White House in the past few months, during which Obama purportedly advised Biden to empower key figures in his campaign to make decisions independently, without requiring clearance from the White House. 

In alignment with his wife, the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, shares the belief that Trump stands a genuine chance of winning in November. This sentiment is reinforced by various polls, with multiple surveys indicating Trump leading over Biden.