Mass Protest in NYC Over Vaccine Mandates

Photo by: NDZ/STAR MAX/IPx 2021 9/18/21 Anti-vaccine protesters gather in Times Square for a rally against vaccine mandates. (NYC)

New York City witnessed a massive protest against vaccine mandates on Saturday. The protest was reported to have seen hundreds of people participating, but there are also reports that it saw thousands.

The New York Post reports that some protestors displayed signs drawing parallels between the Nazis’ murder of Jews in World War II and the vaccine mandate.


One sign read, “how did the Nazi’s do it? They said ‘the Jews were diseased.'”

The protest, which can be seen on the anonymous photographer “Leeroy Johnson’s” Twitter, shows protesters chanting, “freedom over fear…Freedom over fear.”

Only a few people were seen with masks among the crowd. Protesters demanded that the city end its vaccine passport mandate. Official Health Report shows that 68.8 percent of residents of the city have received at least one dose.