Manhunt Ends With Gruesome Discovery

GRIM Discovery - Manhunt Takes Tragic Turn!


The search for a Philadelphia escapee reached a solemn conclusion when authorities found the lifeless remains of Gino Hagenkotter in a warehouse within the city.

At the age of 34, Hagenkotter had formerly been incarcerated at the Riverside Correctional Facility until his breakout on November 30. His imprisonment was linked to offenses related to retail theft.


According to accounts, Hagenkotter made his escape during a work assignment in the orchard behind the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Facility. Requesting a bathroom break, he seized the opportunity to climb the fence out of sight.

Around 2:30 p.m. on December 11, emergency personnel were called to a warehouse in the 1100 block of East Venango Street in response to reports of an unconscious male. Unfortunately, upon reaching the scene, Hagenkotter was declared deceased.

Information from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health emerged, revealing that Hagenkotter’s demise was attributed to a drug overdose, classified as an unintentional fatality by law enforcement.

In the course of their inquiry, law enforcement authorities observed peculiarities within the warehouse. Notably, they detected a damaged air vent and a displaced fan, suggesting a potential forced entry. Furthermore, in close proximity, a ladder was found, heightening suspicions regarding the manner in which Hagenkotter gained access to the warehouse.

Originally devoid of any identification, Hagenkotter’s identity was determined through a thorough examination of fingerprints conducted by law enforcement. The escape of Gino Hagenkotter from the Riverside Correctional Facility in Philadelphia on November 30 prompted an extensive manhunt throughout the region.

Unfortunately, this thorough search came to a tragic end when his deceased body was found in a warehouse within the city. Initially, his identity remained unknown, requiring the use of fingerprint analysis for confirmation.

Hagenkotter was slated to enter a transitional program and was on track for release in April. Authorities suspect that the prospect of this transition may have prompted the execution of his escape plan. Remarkably, Hagenkotter’s escape marks the fourth incident of its kind this year from the Riverside Correctional Facility.