Lara Trump Announces RNC Leadership Bid

She FINALLY Announced - She's Going For It!


Lara Trump declared her bid for co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) on February 28, a move seen by many as potentially strengthening the influence of former President Donald Trump within the party. Her announcement came following the unexpected resignation of RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on March 8, immediately after the Super Tuesday primaries.

Lara Trump, known for her unwavering support of the former president, has been highlighted by certain media sources as the primary reason for Donald Trump’s backing of her bid for a significant position within the RNC. She conveyed her candidacy to committee members through a letter, expressing pride in receiving her father-in-law’s official endorsement for the crucial role. Trump also expressed confidence in securing their votes in the coming days.


Apart from endorsing his daughter-in-law, the former president has also given his support to senior advisor Chris LaCivita for the role of chief operating officer at the RNC, and he has backed North Carolina Republican Chair Michael Whatley to succeed McDaniel as RNC chair.

In various public appearances, Lara Trump has voiced her aim to revitalize the RNC, which has faced challenges matching the fundraising prowess of the Democratic National Committee. During a campaign rally, she emphasized the necessity for the RNC to engage in legal ballot harvesting wherever possible. 

Trump stressed that every dollar received by the RNC should contribute to securing victory for the former president in the 2024 presidential election, bolstering the GOP’s congressional majority, and shifting control of the Senate away from the Democrats.

On February 26, McDaniel disclosed her intention to resign, citing the customary practice for presidential candidates to enact changes. In her statement, she expressed gratitude for the honor and privilege of serving as RNC chair for seven years, contributing to the party’s growth and the election of Republicans nationwide. McDaniel also stated that her decision to resign was to enable the GOP nominee to appoint their preferred chair.