KJP Melts Down Over Tucker Carlson Once Again

WH Press Secretary Strangest Melt Down Yet


The Biden administration’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, chastised Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, accusing him of whitewashing the events of January 6, 2021 by not calling them a “attack on our democracy” and the “constitution.”

Jean-Pierre said on MSNBC Friday that Carlson’s coverage of the never-before-seen footage from January 6 was “misleading, and it is misinformation, as with the conclusion of what happened on January 6th.”


“It was an attack on our democracy. It was an attack on our constitution, and you cannot whitewash that. Tucker Carlson cannot whitewash that. Anyone who doesn’t see with their own eyes what occurred cannot whitewash that,” Jean-Pierre added.

The White House press secretary went on to say that the Biden administration is standing “for the truth” while Carlson is not. “The president’s going to stand with the police officers, he’s going to stand for truth, and clearly that is not what Tucker Carlson believes in.”


Earlier this month, Jean-Pierre made headlines after an African White House reporter, Simon Ateba, announced he would sue her for alleged discrimination during press conferences.

Ateba first expressed his concerns to Karine Jean-Pierre in December 2022, describing his work life as a “nightmare.”

“There’s a reason why your show is the most watched show in news in the U.S. Because you bring people like me. It’s been a disaster, a total catastrophe, a real nightmare covering the Biden White House,” Ateba told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

Ateba explained how he was a prominent voice for Africa in the U.S. but alleged there is an “astounding” and “disgraceful” amount of “discrimination against me and against African journalists in the White House.”

The journalist claimed he, at the time, had not been able to ask Pierre a question for three months. Ateba believes Pierre discriminated against him because of his ethnicity and accent. “I believe that it has to do with maybe two or three things. The first thing, I sound different. I wasn’t born here. I was born in Cameroon. I speak French. I speak different languages. I don’t have the American accent. I’ve tried. I’ve failed and I’ve decided I’ll stick with my accent.”

The former WHCA member also suggested that his questions about COVID-19 and illegal immigration may have earned Pierre’s contempt.