Kamala Harris Has Word Salad Issue On Camera

VP Harris Has SPEECH MELTDOWN on Camera


According to Mediaite, Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana, known for his candid remarks, humorously responded to Vice President Kamala Harris’s recent wordy and confusing statement. The incident occurred during a segment on Fox’s “The Story” last Friday, where guest host Trace Gallagher played a viral clip of Kamala speaking at the Essence Festival of Culture. In the clip, Kamala attempted to explain culture as a reflection of our current moment in time. This clip has gained significant attention with over 2 million views on Twitter.

She continued to talk at length, describing “present culture” as the way “we express our feeling about the moment” and emphasizing the importance of finding opportunities to express our feelings, which she believed is a “reflection of joy.”


Considering Kamala’s track record of making perplexing and hard-to-understand statements that don’t inspire much confidence, Trace Gallagher asked Senator Kennedy for his opinion.

Kennedy acknowledged that he doesn’t hold any grudges against Kamala, as they both served on the Senate Judiciary Committee. However, he pointed out that she is facing challenges in the polls currently due to two reasons.

Kennedy remarked that Kamala seems unprepared and lacks the ability to articulate herself effectively.

Kennedy identified the second problem that Kamala needs to address, recommending that she improve her communication skills by becoming “more articulate.” He humorously quipped that based on her public speaking, some might even humorously suggest that “English is not her first, second, third, or even fourth language.”

The senator’s general advice to everyone is to “always be yourself unless you suck.”  In that case, he suggested having enough self-awareness to recognize their shortcomings and taking steps to improve.

Kennedy observed that Kamala is not being herself in her communication style. Instead, she appears to be trying too hard to sound intelligent, rather than expressing her genuine beliefs in a clear and understandable manner that resonates with the American people.