Joe Rogan says Biden is LOSING his mind and EVERYBODY knows it


This week, Joe Rogan said on his podcast that Joe Biden is losing it. Rogan said that everyone knows the truth, which I agree with. It’s not just Americans who are involved in politics. Everybody. Staff, doctors, foreign leaders Kamala, kindergarten children, UFO aliens and small colonies of termites in Africa savannah, Joe Biden… everybody.


It’s becoming more difficult to SAY these things, in an increasingly free society. Joe Rogan does not let this stop him. This is why his show continues its dominance in driving traffic, eyeballs, and ears. Even though the American government and American companies don’t believe in freedom of speech, the American people believe that free speech is important.

So in the interest of free speech, watch the clip.

“We don’t really have a real leader.”

So true. Also true: this will be an OPEN THREAD.