Florida Democrat Forgets The Pledge Of Allegiance At First Public Meeting

Dem FORGETS The Pledge of Allegiance! (VIDEO)


A local Democrat forgot the Pledge of Allegiance in her first meeting as a Miami city commissioner last week.

When asked to repeat the promise during the meeting on March 9, Sabina Covo, who was elected as the Miami City District 2 commissioner on February 27 in a special election, froze in place.


“And now, Commissioner Covo, will you lead us in the pledge of allegiance, please?” she asked.

“You don’t know it? Ok,” the head of the commission spoke incoherently to Covo.

After numerous pauses, the participants and the commission’s chairwoman stepped in to save Covo by reciting the commitment.

As the video gained popularity on social media, Covo released a statement in which she admitted to feeling anxious.

“When you feel a responsibility is that important, nervousness is very normal, and I’m not afraid to admit that I was. The oath and pledge I took to our nation and to the residents of District 2 is clear and I am focused on honoring my promise to get things done for our community.”

She went on to say, “Which is why I am not focused on Twitter Talk – but rather on passing two very important pieces of legislation during my first commission meeting, Including one that will provide affordable housing to foster youth. That’s leading through the very words in our Pledge of Allegiance and our promise to lead with ethics and integrity.”

The Covo video received a Twitter response from the Florida GOP.

“Just when you thought you’ve seen it all… Florida Democrat Sabina Covo doesn’t know the Pledge of Allegiance. Alarming.”

According to Florida Politics, Covo, 43, a Medellin, Colombia, native, won the race with 1,861 votes, or 30% of the vote. She has decades of experience in journalism and reporting for television.

Nikki Fried, who was unsuccessful in her quest for governor in the Democratic primary, gave her support to Covo’s campaign. The newly elected commissioner had previously worked for Fried at the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as the director of Hispanic media relations.