FBI Returns to Gruesome Crime Scene to Gather Additional Evidence

Crime Scene REOPENED - FBI Moves In!


The well-known residence at 1122 King Road, a student rental property in close proximity to the University of Idaho, has once again captured attention. FBI agents are returning to the location of the crime in the ongoing investigation involving Bryan Kohberger, the individual suspected in the tragic incidents at the Idaho college. This development coincides with the indefinite postponement of Kohberger’s trial.

The objective behind revisiting the disturbing location is to acquire further evidence and information. FBI personnel will be methodically recording details within the residence, producing visual and auditory materials, and even crafting a replica of the dwelling.


This choice was motivated by the recognition that the initial schedule for producing visual aids and models of the house proved to be inadequate. With all personal belongings now removed from the property, investigators have been granted an extended trial schedule to collect vital measurements and imagery.

The choice to maintain the integrity of the crime scene has stirred some controversy, especially since the university originally intended to demolish the house. The Goncalves family, who endured the loss of a dear one in the tragic incident, emphasized the utmost importance of keeping the King Road residence as evidence. They pointed out that it is standard procedure not to eliminate potential evidence in criminal cases, as its significance might become apparent during the trial.

Bryan Kohberger is confronted with first-degree murder charges related to the fatalities of four university students: Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin. The horrifying killings reverberated throughout the country, causing widespread shock and alarm.

Kohberger was apprehended following the utilization of familial DNA, which established a connection between him and the evidence recovered from the scene of the crime. The trial was originally slated for October 2, but his legal team requested additional time to examine the evidence. Consequently, the trial has been postponed indefinitely, with no new date established.

Revisiting the scene of the crime underscores the intricacies of the case and the importance of meticulous evidence collection. The FBI’s dedication to building a replica of the house highlights the gravity of this investigation and the commitment to a fair and thorough trial in justice’ interest.