Doxxed and Swatted: Conservative Account Under Fire

Conservatives UNDER FIRE On Social Media!


In February, Rolling Stone published an article discussing the Twitter account @Catturd2, which was formerly known as X. Following this, a podcast dedicated to uncovering information about Conservatives conducted an investigation into this user, disclosing their real name and other personal details.

Subsequently, Phillip Buchanan, the conservative individual associated with the @Catturd2 account, has asserted his control over the story. He has openly expressed his beliefs and shared insights into his life. Additionally, he has launched a successful podcast. Notably, he recently encountered a distressing incident while recording one of his podcast episodes.


On September 25th, Jewels Jones, who serves as the co-host of Buchanan’s podcast, took to the platform X to share an update with the podcast’s audience. She revealed that on that very day, an unsettling incident unfolded. According to her statement, Phillip Buchanan had to abruptly end a recording session due to an alarming situation. Someone had made a false call to the police, impersonating him and claiming to have committed a crime with intentions of self-harm.

Jones shared a screenshot of a conversation with her podcast co-host, in which he informed her that he had been a victim of swatting. Swatting is a malicious practice where someone falsely reports a life-threatening situation to emergency responders, typically indicating that a dangerous crime is in progress. This false report then prompts an extensive and heavily armed police response, often involving SWAT teams.

Later on that same day, Phillip Buchanan took to X to provide further details about the swatting incident that occurred during his podcast recording. He clarified that the perpetrator had falsely portrayed themselves as him and made a fabricated report to law enforcement. This report included alarming claims such as having committed a stabbing, possessing a firearm, and expressing intent to harm both others and themselves.

In the days following the swatting incident, the Florida resident, Phillip Buchanan, has remained steadfast in expressing his opinions. He has unequivocally conveyed his determination to persist in sharing his viewpoints. This unwavering commitment is likely to bring satisfaction to his extensive fan base, which notably includes former President Donald Trump.