Democrat Strategist Predicts Trump As GOP Nominee

Dem's Strategists HUGE Announcement - An Unexpected Prediction!


Donna Brazile, a Democratic political strategist, has made a prediction that former President Donald Trump will be chosen as the Republican nominee for the 2024 Presidential election. During an interview on ABC News’ “This Week,” Brazile expressed her belief that Trump would be the candidate representing the GOP in 2024.

When asked about the potential candidacy of Governor DeSantis, Brazile stated that, in her perspective, the 2024 presidential race belonged to Donald Trump and it was his opportunity to lose. She further commented that DeSantis was “punching above his weight.” According to Brazile, DeSantis follows a political approach similar to Trump’s but lacks the political baggage associated with the former president.


According to recent polls, Donald Trump’s popularity has been on the rise. On May 22, Trump shared a poll conducted by Morning Consult between May 12 and 14. The poll indicated that Trump had a hypothetical forecast vote of 61%, placing him well ahead of his main rival, Ron DeSantis, who received a hypothetical forecast of 18%.

Despite facing ongoing legal issues, Trump remains determined in his pursuit of a candidacy. The Trump 2024 campaign has adopted an assertive approach in addressing previous concerns and has also outlined a new policy agenda. Following the release of the Durham Report, which outlines the findings of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into allegations of Trump’s collusion with Russia and the FBI’s handling of the matter, Trump has continued to express his views on election interference in previous elections. He has been sharing his opinions on Truth Social, a platform he is associated with.

According to the findings of the Durham Report, it was determined that the FBI’s decision to initiate an investigation into Trump was unjustified. Special Counsel John Durham reached this conclusion by highlighting the absence of reliable witnesses associated with the FBI’s informant. Durham described the intelligence gathering as being based on unverified, uncorroborated, and unanalyzed information. The Durham inquiry lasted for approximately three years, resulting in a comprehensive report of over 300 pages.

Trump has consistently maintained that during the 2016 election, the Hillary Clinton campaign interfered and utilized its influence to promote the alleged conspiracy of collusion between Trump and Russia.