Child STING Operation – So Many Arrests!

Child STING Operation - So Many Arrests!


Police in ultra-liberal Oregon conducted a sting operation and arrested six pedophiles, sparking a fresh child abuse controversy. Surprisingly, two of the guys are engaged in child-related professions. There are more sex offenders in the state than any other in the country, and they may not even be on the books.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office reported the success of a sting operation on April 13 to apprehend sexual predators who target minors. The news statement claims that detectives from the agency posed as minors on various internet services, including dating apps, social networking sites, and gaming websites. Contacting the accounts would result in a meeting location and subsequent arrest if the meeting was attempted.


Six males, ages 19 to 29, have been arrested. All three are from Portland (Washington County is included in the Portland metro area), and they are accused of recruiting minors and engaging in online sexual corruption of children.

One of the suspects, Portland resident Sean Baba, 29, is the Director of Music Ministry at a Catholic school and church; another, Gresham resident Te’Vari Jenkins, is the director of the Club K after-school program in neighboring Wilsonville. Both of these professions need interaction with young people.

According to crime statistics, Oregon has the highest concentration of perverts in the country. For at least the past four years, Oregon has had the highest rate of sex offenders per capita, at 772 per 100,000 residents.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office advises keeping tabs on your children’s internet activity and discussing potential threats with them. There’s an appeal for anyone with information about the six guys who were just detained; police are concerned that they may have committed crimes against minors.